1. creatures of comfort / ss2013

    (feat Victoria Bergsman of Taken by trees)

  2. The Suit Makes a Man from Bram Janssen on Vimeo.

    The Suit Makes a Man

    Thousands of migrants come to South Africa looking for a piece of the African Dream. They are drawn by Johannesburg which boasts the largest economy of any city on the continent. Most of them don’t make any money. But there are a few who do.

    Rafael, a tailor from The Republic of Congo came to the City of Gold where he now runs a small business making and selling handmade suits. This video showcases the beauty of real handwork.

    Music: Robert Johnson - I believe I’ll dust my broom

    Director and editor: Bram Janssen
    Text: Judy Lelliott


Street stone, Awesome photo manipulation work of Paris statues photographed by Leo Caillard and digitally dressed by Alexis Persani

    Street stone, Awesome photo manipulation work of Paris statues photographed by Leo Caillard and digitally dressed by Alexis Persani



Wooden broochs by Julia Walter 

    Wooden broochs by Julia Walter 

    (Source: misspaq.blogspot.com)

  5. Tom Ford’s Style Forum Special

    Possibly one of the most influential fashion designers of the 21st century, Tom Ford is a perfectionist with an eye for tomorrows style.

    Having worked in Paris, Milan, New York and about every other fashion capital imaginable, Ford walked away from careers with Gucci and Yves St. Laurent to begin his own line.

    Now with his own label appropriately named TOM FORD, he gives us a 40 minute sneek peek into his very particular life in the world of couture fashion and design…


  6. Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Jalouse blog on Vimeo.

    Une Fille Comme Les Autres

    New year, new formula, Jalouse magazine did not need more to celebrate it with a beautiful short video. Realized by Matthew Frost “Une fille comme les autres” describes with humour the day of a Parisian, played by Ashley Smith. The lesson? If you also want to be beautiful and lovely, well dressed from head to toe, and to get hit on by handsome bearded guy in a small bar, buy Jalouse!

  7. Julien David from de jeunes gens modernes on Vimeo.

    Julien David presents a short video retracing the creation and then the making of his scarves in Japanese workshops. The video is attenuated by a couple of scenes with skateboard, “precise and circular movements of which remind sometimes those of our scarves preparation”.

    “We wanted to make a movie documenting the process and the different steps involved in the printing of our scarves. We went to Yamagata and Kanagawa prefecture (Japan) to shoot the movie during 3 days and try to film all the people who have been working on our scarves for the past 4 years. We tried also in the video to cut images with close ups of freestyle skateboarding moves that are very precise and circular; sometime similar to the motions of the preparation of our scarves and the shapes of the graphics. These images also recall the influence of the street in our designs.”

    Julien David

    (Source: artnau.com)

  8. The Commuter by Levi’s®

    Form. Function. Cycling

  9. Oldschool Heroes

    Amazing works by Fab Ciraolo, an illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. The project Oldschool Heroes features heroes of our childhood with a certain touch of hipster and oldschool: nice patterns and great outfits. Brilliant!

  10. Plastic Jewelry by Denise Julia Reytan

    My jewellery making is like materialpainting, I draw with stones and chains, combining materials and colours and assembling objects to a whole new creature. 

    This is a very sensual and personal way of expressing myself. My jewellery is a reflection of myself and an objective adherence of my ideas, thoughts and feelings into material, form and colour. Furthermore, my jewellery is about unconditional beauty and decorative equality. I use materials and collected objects which fascinate me. 

    With the silicone casting method I found a possibility to connect my collected things together in one single piece of jewellery. These things are beloved objects from my life: things from childhood, jewellery from my family, from different times, countries or finds. They all represent me, my entity, my interests, my social status, the diverse cultures which surround me and the modern time I and we are living in.

    I like to create associations & stories in peoples mind. By the use of cast plastic, I unify all these objects in same colour, materiality and value. So afterwards everything is in harmony, has the same value and decorative equality and it doesn´t matter, if something was precious or non-precious before.

    Denise Julia Reytan

    (Source: fastcodesign.com)

  11. wetsuits by diddo. nice and different design approach.

    wetsuits by diddo. nice and different design approach.